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Our Story

Azura Bay is a curated collection of cute, comfy and conscious lingerie, pjs, and loungewear from ethical brands, using eco fabrics and production processes as much as possible.

 Ashley working at Azura Bay Head Office


Everyone wants to feel confident in their clothes, and fashion is supposed to be fun. Just like most women, I already had a love/hate relationship with shopping, enjoying the pursuit of dresses with the girls and despising needing to find jeans. Then, during university I started learning about the pitfalls of fast fashion and the negative effects on people and our planet. That added a whole new element to shopping, as my passion for finding ethical and eco alternatives developed. I discovered that it can really take a lot of time to find options that check all the boxes: stylish, high-quality and good fit, ethically made, eco-friendly, and easy to find.  





The good news? I've found some incredible brands that are kicking ass at changing the way fashion is produced. I wanted to bring them together for you in an easy-to-shop collection, so that you don't have to spend all your time vetting brands (let's face it, who has time for that?!).  Let me do it for you - I've chosen the most comfortable and stylish options for Azura Bay that also support your values: ethical production, local options, artisan & handmade production, Fair Trade and eco-friendly fabrics and production processes as much as possible. Additionally, most of our brands are woman-owned. Beyond the brands, Azura Bay is committed to choosing green practices as much as we can as explained below, in packaging and promotion choices. Finally, when you make a purchase, Azura Bay will donate a portion of the proceeds from your order to one of three organizations of your choice (learn more on our Giving Back page).  I will continue to add new styles & brands, so keep checking in.

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Ashley Owner of Azura Bay






We are always looking for ways to make our business more environmentally friendly. Azura Bay uses home compostable mailers from Better Packaging Co, 100% recycled boxes that are all made in the United States by EcoEnclose and FSC certified tissue paper. 

We seek recycled content and eco-friendly inks in the rest of our packaging, promotional materials and stickers as much as possible. Check out our full low-waste packaging blog post that covers all our packaging and low waste office strategies!

Low Waste Eco Packaging at Azura Bay 



I'm so proud of the amazing ethical brands carried at Azura Bay, who are all either Fair Trade certified or employing transparent, ethical practices to treat their employees with respect, fair wages and safe and positive work environments. Beyond supporting those ethics, all of them have been incorporating sustainable fabrics and production as much as possible (everything from zero waste collections by up-cycling fabric that was discarded by a bigger brand, to organic fabrics to waterless dying processes). Learn more about our brands in our Fash Rev blog post!