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Building an Ethical Capsule Wardrobe

A guide to ethical capsule wardrobes

Capsule Wardrobes seem to be one of the most popular fashion trends of 2019, but what exactly are they?  

Essentially, a Capsule Wardrobe is a condensed version of your current wardrobe, consisting of about 20-30 high-quality, mix-and-match staple pieces. An Ethical Capsule Wardrobe then, is a Capsule Wardrobe consisting of a few ethically-made and sustainably produced items. 

Ethical fashion is a way in which we, as consumers, can limit the consumption habits of fast fashion. We’re of the opinion that your wardrobe doesn’t end with tops, bottoms and shoes. Undies, bras, and loungewear are also candidates when it comes to building capsule wardrobes so that you have functional pieces that work with your clothes and of course a few that you love and feel fierce in!

So, what pieces should you add to your own Ethical Capsule Wardrobe? Well, we’ve listed some of our favourite staples below to help you choose!


1. Minimalistic Everyday Bralette 

    This lacy bralette, made of 100% organic cotton and lace that's knitted in Brooklyn, is the comfiest bra alternative for those of us who don’t want an underwire. Its lightweight and super soft nature will make your skin feel amazing, and it now comes in a gorgeous taupe colour. Simply pair with our Organic Cotton Basic Thong, and you’re ready to take on the day! 

    Organic Cotton Wrap Bralette  

    2. Minimalistic Thong for Everyday or Working Out
    Ethically produced through fair trade practices and made from ultra-fine Organic Cotton, this thong is both breathable and extremely comfortable- exactly how undies should be! Pair with our Organic Cotton Wrap Bralette for a beautifully complete set. 
    Organic Cotton Basic Thong
    3. A Classic Black Lace Piece (that’s size inclusive!)
    This bralette is just as beautiful as it is size inclusive- we offer the Sweetie Lace Bralette in both our standards sizes, as well as our extended sizes (thoughtfully designed for larger busts and smaller band sizes).
    4. Bodysuit (perfect for layering)
    Bodysuits are so versatile, which makes them the perfect staple in every wardrobe. Wear it lounging around at home, or pair with some cute jeans for a night out on the town. Our Eco-Rib Bamboo Tank Bodysuit is super comfortable, and made in the USA using fair trade practices, making it the perfect addition to your Capsule Wardrobe.
    5. Tank for layering under sweaters
    Having a go-to tank top in your Capsule Wardrobe is like having pb with your jam, or milk with your cookies. In other words, it is completely necessary. Tank tops are a perfect way to beat the heat on those hot summer days, and are a great piece to layer under a cardigan during the fall and winter months. Basically, they’re a year-round staple. Our Organic Cotton Not So Basic Tank has the perfect amount of pretty lace detail, allowing you to keep it casual at home, or dress it up for a girls’ night out!
    6. A Pop of Colour for Fun
    It can be far too tempting to keep a Capsule Wardrobe completely colour-free, seeing as it can be easier to pair neutral tones together in a limited wardrobe. But you can TOTALLY add a pop of colour, and you definitely shouldn’t be afraid to. The Recycled Lace Lima Longline Bralette in our deep blue is the perfect coloured staple to add to your collection. The lace detail is made from recycled polyamide and is thin enough to lay flat under clothes. Pair with our Blue Recycled Lace Lima Undies for a beautiful set!

    7. For the Gym

    Need some activewear pieces in your Capsule Wardrobe? We’ve got you covered with our High Waist Organic Cotton Legging! These sustainable leggings are just as functionable as they are stylish, and with a variety of colours to choose from, you’ll have plenty of options for mixing and matching- we suggest pairing with our Organic Cotton Crossover Light Sports Bra, which is both lightweight and extra supportive!

    8. For under those party dresses + sleeveless blouses
    Strapless bras can be so tricky to find but we've found a classic one that is smooth, padded, and has super strong support to help you feel comfortable busting out your dance moves at the office holiday party. Plus, it's ethically made in Italy. 
    Evolution Classic Strapless Bra
    9. For Sleeping
    While we’re on a roll, we might as well add some super cozy sleep wear into the mix! We are currently loving (and living in) the Eucalyptus Tencel PJ Pants and Organic Cotton Striped Tie Top. This pair is ideal for lounging around the house or getting some shut eye- we promise you’ll be too cozy to ever want to change!
    10. Weekend Lounging
    Our “Almost as Sustainable as Being Naked” Sweater and Sweatpants is… well, just as the name says. These beauties were produced using fair trade measures in Bulgaria, and are made of a mixed fabric of 50% recycled polyester and 50% mulesing (read: cruelty free!) wool. This way, you’ll feel just as good consciously as you are comfortable!
    So there you have it, our list of ethical and eco-friendly pieces that are perfect for your very own Ethical Capsule Wardrobe.
    By investing in a few sustainable and high-quality items that will last you a lifetime, you’ll be able to spend less on clothing, offer more support to local companies, and help to remove some of the negative externalities associated with fast fashion.
    Not only will this help you to make more environmentally conscious purchase decisions, but it will also give you a few more minutes each morning where you don’t have to frantically dig through your undie drawer looking for the right bra for your favourite dress. winking face 
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