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Ethical + Eco Gifts for Guys

Ethical + Eco Gifts for Guys - Azura Bay edition

Kate Hall, Ethical & Eco Fashion Blogger of @Ethicallykate lives and breathes her passion for ethical fashion and living, and has put together a fantastic ethical + eco gift guide for guys.


Men: sometimes we love them, sometimes we hate them. But when it comes down to it, as they open their present on Christmas day, you want them to fist pump the air and give you an extra tight squeeze as they say ‘thanks babe, you nailed it’. That’s right, I said the ‘c’ word. No matter how hard you deny it or marvel to your friends ‘oh wow this year has gone so fast’, Christmas and the holiday season is about to happen, and you need to be prepared. Rather than buying pointless junk you know they’ll just throw out, buy the guys in your life gifts that show you have thought about them, but also the planet.

Welcome to the Good Guys Gift Guide:

Ethical + Eco Gift Guide for Guys - Krotchet Kids Beanie

1. Krochet Kids: Beanie - $20-70 (also carry women's!)

Krochet Kids claim to have the world’s greatest beanie, and I can tell you now, so far they have proven me right. This beanie offers a functional design, simple range of colours, and is made ethically in Peru with baby alpaca wool. He’ll love the story behind the maker! All KK products are signed by the women who made it, so if your dad, uncle, or better-half are into story-telling, this will surely float their boat. Nothing says you love him more than; “I got you the world’s greatest beanie, because I think you’re the world’s greatest guy”.

 Ethical + Eco Gift Guide for Guys - Go Solar Stove 

2. GoSun: Stove - $279

This gift idea is something I love so much I may just have to get myself one too! GoSun have created little stoves which run off solar energy. They are portable and light, and bake, roast, or steam a meal whilst you sit back and relax. The GoSun is for all guys (and girls!) who like to camp, hike, or chill with mates in the backyard.


 Ethical + Eco Gifts for Guys - Treehut Watch

3. Treehut: Watch - $99-220

Watches are a classic gift, simply because; who doesn’t love a good watch? But a wooden, customised engraved watch… damn that’s cool! Treehut are a small team of 20 people who make their watches by hand in a San Fran studio. These artisans can also engrave whatever message you choose into the back of the watch; a secret little message to make your gift 100 times more special.


Ethical + Eco Gifts for Guys - Eddie Tee Shirt

4. Thought: Eddie Tee - £29.90

Generally, (unless you’re my fashion loving husband) guys hate shopping. Heck, some of them even wait it out until the holidays to avoid the hassle altogether! The Eddie Tee from Thought, is the perfect top for any man in your life. Made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, and available in lichen, navy, and rust, you can’t go wrong with a staple shirt.

 Ethical + Eco Gifts for Guys - An Experience

 Jake Ingle



5. An Experience:

Even though it’s nice to open something tangible on Christmas morning, why not buy a token gift and pair it with an experience! For example, buy him a map and create a crafty ‘weekend away’ voucher. Or buy a drink bottle at Patagonia, and pair this with a voucher for a day hike to wherever he wants to pick. If he’s an adrenaline junky, go for a sky diving coupon, or white water rafting adventure; the world’s your oyster! What’s best, is that you get to tag along too… sneaky.

Ethical + Eco Gifts for Guys - Technology Case

6. Elvis and Kresse: Technology Case - £40-75

Every guy has at least one piece of technology, usually far more than one. Use this to your advantage and buy them something they will use every day, that looks after the environment, and makes them think of you. Elvis and Kresse have an awesome range of technology cases made from… fire hoses! The lining of the cases is repurposed military grade parachute silk, and 50% of all profits are donated to charities.

 Ethical + Eco Gifts for Guys - Bike Chain Cufflinks

7. Oxfam: Cufflinks - $29.95

For those guys who rock a suit every day and dress on the formal side; bicycle cufflinks are so hot right now. But seriously. Oxfam have teamed up with Noahs Ark who employ over 300 artisans throughout India to create sustainable products. These cufflinks are made from bike chain links and recycled metals. They are simple, but classy, they don’t draw attention, but are enough for their mates at work to say ‘man, those are cool, where did you get them’? That’s when massive brownie points are gained.


Bohome and Roam - Earphone Organizer Ethical and Eco Gifts for Guys

8. Bohome and Roam: Earphone Organiser - $20

Guys are always the hardest to buy for, and when you throw ‘ethical’ into the mix, buying gifts for them seems near impossible. Bohome and Roam have got your back with their super cool range of ethical men’s gifts, just in time for the holidays! Feel free to browse through, but my very favourite is their earphone organiser (just sold out, will be back in stock, link goes to full men's collection). This wee guy is made of leather, with brass details, and a design that means your headphones will never get abused. Blue or rust? What colour will you choose?

Avoid bustling shopping malls, and spend your time snuggled in bed whilst you choose what colour earphone organiser to buy your dad, or what style iPhone case will suit your boyfriend. It’s the time of year for giving, so take this chance to give back to your global community by supporting ethical brands, and making your men happy in the process. Brace yourselves. Christmas is coming.



Kate Hall of Ethically Kate 


Kate Hall is an ethical living/fashion advocate, eco wedding planner, and brand rep. Kate strives to promote ethical living in every way under the sun, and won’t stop at anything to make sure the planet and it’s people are being looked after the way that they should be.

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