Ladies We Love & Valentine's Day Shoot: Corinne Evans – Azura Bay
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Ladies We Love & Valentine's Day Shoot: Corinne Evans

Azura Bay Interview with Corinne Evans

 *Photo via Jason Feat Photography & Powerful Water Company


We’re thrilled to launch our “Ladies We Love” series with Corinne Evans; professional surfer, model & business babe. We’re inspired by Corinne’s passion for her sport and her work to encourage other women to get involved, as well as her initiatives to help support breast cancer organizations. We’re so excited to have had the opportunity to do a Valentine’s day shoot with her and her amazing photographer Lizzie Churchill, and wanted to share a little bit more about this talented woman with a Q & A.

Being a pro surfer sounds like a dream, although obviously it must be a lot of work! What’s your favourite part about surfing for a career and what do you do for hobbies now that your favourite hobby is your career?

The greatest thing about my job would be the freedom it has given me. The freedom to travel, surf, explore and have a voice. Being able to do what I love for a living is so amazing and I wouldn't change it for anything.

When I'm not surfing I like to keep fit; I love going to the gym and yoga class. I am also a keen cook and love spending time in the kitchen creating lots of yummy food. I've also recently explored my creative side and will be launching a little home interiors brand soon; I can't wait to share my project with everyone.

Where have you gotten to travel to with surfing? What’s your favourite place you’ve been so far?

I've surfed around Europe, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Australia, Mexico and Barbados. I love travelling and exploring new places and waves. My favourite place to surf would be in the Maldives but I love the culture and food of Sri Lanka. 

Have you ever surfed in Canada? If not, are you coming anytime soon?!

I haven't visited Canada yet! I say yet because it is on my wish list and I am sure I will be visiting  Canada soon. 

What inspired you to launch your own surf festival?

Surf Betty's had been a project I'd wanted to do for a few years. The idea was to host a fun day for everyone and to showcase how wonderful surfing is. I teamed up with the Keep A Breast Foundation UK to help raise money for their cause and aid their education workshops. The money raised from Surf Betty's 2014 & 2015 actually helped set up KAB UK!

What is Corinne’s surf tour? 

Corinne's Surf Tour is a women's only learn to surf tour which travels around the UK and Europe. It's a fun way for women and girls to learn to surf or improve their surfing in a relaxed environment.  We surf, practice yoga and laugh a lot! I have big plans to expand the Surf Tour and get women in their wetsuits and surfing! 

Surfing is clearly dependant on the environment; has being involved in an outdoor sport affected your perspective at all on how we can protect our environment or live consciously to reduce our impact?

Being a surfer, it really does make you more conscious about the environment and especially the oceans. There are so many ways to help protect our environment especially on a local scale. We all need to recycle more and reduce our waste. We can reuse so many things that we simply throw away. There's actually a great website which has some really simple ways to change the way we all live.  

Corinne Evans - Valentine's Day Shoot - Racie Racerback Bra

We’re so thrilled to work with you on our Valentine’s Day shoot! As a model and athlete, you seem very confident shooting in teeny bikinis or lingerie. Do you have any tips for brides & ladies who want to do their own boudoir shoots who might be a bit nervous?

This is actually a common misconception; I am like most women, I have my insecurities and problem areas. I struggled for a few years in my late teens with food and over exercising. I am now 27 and have accepted that I am the way I am. I will never have super model legs or big boobs but that's ok because I am me. I am unique and I think that's lovely. I have learnt how I can better myself in a realistic way. I exercise to keep fit and healthy but also so I am happy with what I see in the mirror. 
If I could give brides, women, teens, anyone for that matter some advice it would be to love yourself. If you don't love yourself how can you expect anyone else to?
Embrace your quirks and love your flaws for they are what makes you stand out. 
If you want to get fit and healthy do it, if you feel like you want to loose a few pounds no one is stopping you but I just think we need to make sure we make those changes for ourselves no one else. 


What’s your date night style?

Date night style for me always starts with a cute matching lace lingerie set and a blow dry! I am very much a smart casual girl so I would usually wear a dress with heeled ankle boots or ripped jeans and a chiffon shirt. Also I am all about natural make up, you won't find me contouring anything haha.

Check out our gorgeous Valentine's Day photoshoot with Corinne featuring:

*Black lace set: Racie Racerback Bra & Boyshort Lace Undies

*Babydoll set: Navy & Black Coucou Babydoll & G-String

*White lace set: Dolce Soft Bra & Cutie Thong

 Corinne Evans - Valentine's Day Shoot - Racie Racerback Bra & Hottie lace boyshort

Azura Bay - Corinne Evans Valentine's Day Shoot

Azura Bay - Corinne Evans Valentine's Day Shoot - Black Racerback and Boyshorts
Azura Bay - Corinne Evans Valentine's Day White Dolce Soft Bra
See more of Corinne's style, travels, and healthy recipes on her blog & to connect with her photographer Lizzie Churchill visit her site here