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Our Holiday Ethical + Eco Gift Guide

Have you been bombarded with gift guides and holiday tips non-stop lately? Us too. We love this time of the year and the ability to show our love to friends and family – but we're also well aware of the implications that Christmas & holiday consumption has on the environment and ethical shopping in general.

It can be hard to buy thoughtful, AND ethically sourced gift items, so we want to help you out.

In case you're short on ideas for a great gift, we've got plenty of things in mind that we think would make amazing, ethically-minded gifts for those around you – yes even for your hubby or boyfriend who's next to impossible to buy for!

All the items on our list are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly.

Without further ado, our Holiday Gift Guide!



We know that traditional maternity and post-pregnancy underwear can be a lot more about function than form, but we're so excited to have two amazing and cute nursing bras that are tried and tested and a great hit among new moms and mom-to-be!


Nikki Black Lace Nursing Bra

Alexander Black Lace Nursing / Transition Bralette


For the sporty friend, sister, aunt, mom – or even just the person in your life who likes to kick it in tights when they're running errands – we've got amazing eco-concsious options to keep you looking and feeling cozy + ready for the gym. You, know. Or really, wherever you're heading for the day!


Organic Cotton Crossover Light Sports Bra - Black

High Waist Organic Cotton Legging - Ink Blue

STOCKING STUFFERS (gifts under $50)

This category is always a hit and we love buying stocking stuffers or small gifts for friends and family so we totally get it! We've collected our favourite PJ + lounge items under $50 all together for you to browse! Browse through and stuff all your stockings full of cute underthings!


Gifts Under $50


Is it just us, or is buying for your partner always a challenge?? We've got our best seller for guys ready and waiting for you to impress him with your thoughtfulness and practicality. ;)


Men's Hemp Boxer Briefs

And of course, when all else fails, you can't deny the power of the always perfect gift card. Purchase in any denomination and watch the smiles unfold. 


Gift Card


We'd love to hear from you if you need any help choosing the perfect gift and we're so excited that you're joining us in choosing ethical this season!


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